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The Universities offer a wide range of programs customized to equip international students with English language requirements for entry to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programs. The programs are also designed to assist students in their adjustment to university life in India.

Universities have English language labs for English programs, taught under various modules which include:
This is a basic module which helps students to become conversant in English Language .This helps them to understand and speak English. It is mainly designed to fulfill the needs of the students coming from non English speaking background. The duration of the course is 3 months. Under this module, students will be taught some basic comprehension skilss along with
their various forms and their usage, important idioms and phrases, sentence construction, transformation of sentences. The focus will be on conversational and interactive skills.
This is an English proficiency course helping students to enhance their speaking, listening and reading skills. They are introduced to effective writing too. The duration of the course is of 6 months.
This is for those students who have completed their diploma course or possess sufficient English speaking and understanding skills. This module‚Äôs main focus is to improve the grammatical nuances and help students to converse properly without grammatical errors. The duration of this course is 1 year. This module will focus on developing listening, speaking,
reading and writing skills of the students. The emphasis will be on parts of speaeh, grammar rules, comprehension, precis writing, business correspondence, paragraph writing, report wirting, resume writing. There will also be special emphasis on public speaking (Group discussion, debate, declamation contest and extempore speech) and interview skills.

Syllabus for English Bridge Courses:
Certificate Course (3 months) Basics of grammar Vocab building and their usage Idioms and phrases Sentence formation, transnformation of sentences Introduction to listening and speaking skills mainly concentrating on conversational and interview skills Advance Diploma Course (1 year) Developing listening, reading, writing and speaking skills
Comprehension Precis writing, paragraph and report writing Public speaking, group discussion, debate, declamation contest and extempore speech Business Correspondence
Profile writing Resume preparation.

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